Colour Swatch by Cassie Blomquist


A month ago we announced that we are now on Pinterest and we are excited to share that it is going off with a bang!

The inspiration and creative ambition that comes hand-in-hand with Pinterest scrolling allows us to show-off the many different skills and printing techniques that we use at Tint Design

Searching through trends we found that colour swatching is a popular way of showing colour trends that compliment the seasons or breakdown an inspiring colour pallet presented within a photo. From this we decided to would create our own colour pallets for our audience to consider. Our inspirations comes from places around Australia that our staff have traveled to. Each month we hope to produce a new colour pallet that relates to the the seasons around us as well as boast about Australia and its spectaluar landscapes. 

For more inspiring pics and colour pallets click here 


future planning at fespa 2018 by Cassie Blomquist


Tint Design’s Production Manager Tyler Golding, and BDM Chris McKeown have just returned from a weeklong trip to Berlin, Germany to attend FESPA, Global Print Expo. FESPA is the premium destination to discover the latest technology and trends in the digital printing industry, and the 2018 event also included the World Signage Expo.
Tint Design has for years focused on bringing the latest ideas to the market, and offering new services to the local design and construct industry that prides itself on innovation.
This year’s event which saw the biggest and best manufacturers in one building for one week only, highlighted some amazing new machines. Make sure to keep an eye on further posts from us for some very exciting announcements regarding the future opportunities we will have on offer to our clients.

A bold facade in the heart of Shepparton by Cassie Blomquist

It is with great pride that we can finally share with you one of our larger projects of 2017 - the striking south facade of the brand new Shepparton Law Courts that were officially opened on Friday March 23, 2018 by The Honourable Martin Pakula MP, Attorney-General, in the presence of the Chief Magistrate, His Honour Judge Peter Lauritsen.  
It was with great pleasure that Tint Design worked along side ADCO Constructions to realise the extraordinary vision of the south facade that was cleverly designed by the team at Architectus. Of the $73 million dollar project this incredibly detailed facade is the result of many hours of cutting, weeding, application and installation of hundreds of lineal meters of precision cut film to hundreds of square meters of glass.
After an extensive review of the building timeline and access restrictions it was decided that the entirety of this install would take place prior to the glass being installed to the building. The seemingly random placing of the seven different frit-pattern designs had to match their corresponding glass unit but were installed out of order depending on when the units arrived to the warehouse. This installation puzzle was just one element of the many challenges of taking on a project of this size however our production team worked seamlessly and around the clock to bring this one element of this exceptional design to life. 

Click here (or on the photo above) for more photos and a 'behind the scenes' look at the installation process.  

Royal Wedding by Cassie Blomquist


May has been a very busy month for us, but not as busy as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

The Royal Wedding created a global buzz and in the spirit of all things regal we decided to dust off one of our original designs 'Ornate' and put it too under the spotlight.
Above is an example of how the design can be applied to both traditional wallpaper and Glass Panels.

Our design team are constantly coming up with new designs, we are now trailling these designs on Pinterest to see how our audience reacts to them. 

Afilias Australia puts our mark on their workplace by Liana Slussareff

Here is a great example of how our Design Range can communicate character in a room or office space, and in this case Afilias Australia Pty Ltd selected our design 'Pyramid' for their conference room as a Privacy Band.
This design with its alternating opacity levels breaks up the usual 'heavy' feel you get from a solid frost band, and creates the perfect amount of privacy without making a space feel confined. 
Although the 'pyramid' design looks impressive when digitally printed onto frost or optically clear film and installed to glass panels, it can also present a sophisticated look when printed onto traditional wallpaper or vinyl wall film. 

For more details about our design range and different alternatives of using a design, click here


Bold Signage At Bendigo Tafe by Liana Slussareff

Here at Tint Design we are generally well known for our services with window film and Wall Graphics, after all, it's where our business started. However clients continue to be surprised that we are also in the business of Signage. For us, it was a natural progression to enter the signage market as it overlaps with the work that we do and now allows us to create a complete, decorative, functional, or promotional package for our clients.

Recently we announced that we are now producing our own braille signage, however this is just another element in the list of signage solutions that we have provided for years. Digital, Precision Cut, statutory, directional, promotional, internal, external - we do it all!

Tint Design Teamed up with Clarke Hopkins Clarke to produce this recent install of 3D acrylic letters and logos to the exterior of Bendigo Tafe. It's clean, bold and professional and goes beyond serving its purpose as signage branding.

Give us a call if your Signage desires an update!

Hello Pinterest! by Liana Slussareff


Tint Design entered the world of social media a couple of years ago with growing success. Using avenues such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have allowed us to promote our products and services to a range of existing and potential clients along with putting our mark on the design world.

Thriving from this success, we have decided to enter the world of Pinterest. This is exciting for Tint Design since we are not only able to promote our existing projects and design concepts, but we are also able to trial our new designs on Pinterest's audience and see what they think!

Our designers are having a lot of fun experimenting with new ideas that will hopefully inspire and allow people to see the unlimited potential design can have on windows and walls and how it can completely transform the look and feel of a professional (or private) space.

a splash of colour for open universities australia by Liana Slussareff

As abstract painter Hans Hofmann once said ‘Colours must fit together as pieces in a puzzle or cogs in a wheel’ and that’s exactly what Open Universities Australia achieved with this bold and vivacious design. 

Every room within this fit-out has a different story to tell which creates an exciting workplace for all employees and an obvious talking point for new visitors to the space.

A mix of print and application techniques have been used on this project to maximise on the boldness and use of colour. Sometimes a cut vinyl film will have a more vibrant hue whereas a custom printed wallpaper can add character and texture to a space, ultimately it comes down to choosing the right technique that will champion your design. 

As our suppliers are continuously creating new materials and products for us to play with, this in-turn gives us the opportunity to experiment with new printing and finishing techniques that we can offer you.

Tap into your inner creativity with a new design by Liana Slussareff

Daylight savings has come to an end and Autumn has arrived. The leaves are transforming through various shades of green to their autumnal hues before falling to create a thick and playful carpet over our parks and sidewalks. It is this inspiring natural playground that gave our production team plenty of inspiration for this new Design.

Having an eye-catching design in a workplace can have more of a positive influence than many people realise. This design for example, would allow staff and visitors to your office to unconsciously tap into their creative side. This silent but visual influence is what can create productivity and communicates a welcoming and pleasant environment within your daily work space.  

An eye-catching way of using this design is to Digitally Print it on clear film for a transparent effect or onto Frost Film to create privacy within in a room that has a creative flare.

A Grand Design for Grand Pacific Tours by Liana Slussareff

The smallest detail can have the greatest impact within a space. So something as simple as a Precision Cut pattern on Frost Film can separate you from other businesses and designs by making your fit-out more personalised and unique.

Here at Tint Design we have a range of Designs that you can choose from when selecting a Precision Cut pattern, or,  you may have an idea of your own that we can create for you.

Grant Pacific Tours have selected a design that not only serves it's primary function, being Privacy Bands to their meeting spaces, but also allows the perfect amount of light into their conference room. The Precision Cut band that breaks the top of the panel creates a decorative element but also allows the space to maintain an open feel.

There is no challenge too great or small at Tint Design – please contact our office if you are interested in frost film for your office fitout!