Wesley College Stained Glass Window

Photographer: EZE Photography

Photographer: EZE Photography

This project had an interesting brief, to create the look of a stained glass window without the stained glass. Modern architecture often requires modern solutions to reinventing classic style and that's where Digitally Printed graphics can really shine.

The beauty of this solution lies not only in the aesthetics of the design but also the flexibility of the application. Should the school decide in the future to redesign the window the process is simply to remove and replace the printed graphics which is only a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire stained glass feature window.

This is not to say that traditional methods are no longer necessary, to the contrary, in many applications traditional methods are still the best solution, however it is great to know that an alternative method is available that champions flexibility.

At Tint Design we love a challenge, this year alone we have printed on OSB boards, textured ceiling tiles and metal plates for large external signs. All of these projects came to life after working directly with our clients to create samples over a year ago during the design phase of the project and boy has that paid off in spades - stay tuned for pictures of these finished projects.

How to handle the heat!

Beat the Heat!.png

The mercury is rising and for those who have been revelling in the comfort of the chilly winter evenings in-front of the heater or fire with a hot drink and take-away food containers - it's time to face reality -

Summer Is Coming!

And with that so is the heat, glare and uncomfortable UV rays through your naked windows.

Thankfully there are many wonderful retro-fit solutions that can help you combat that nasty trifecta and we at Tint Design (and TD at Home) are experts at helping you select the right solution for your space.

Whether the weather is your main concern, or perhaps you're after additional privacy or security there is almost always a solution for you... except for "one-way film" it doesn't exist - sorry!

So for up to 99% reduction in UV, 93% reduction in light/glare and a significant drop in heat what reason could you possibly have to not give us a call?

September Design of the Month

Untitled design.png

Remember when you were a kid and someone showed you how to do a spirograph drawing - with either a compass and a pen, a drawing pin, pen, and piece of string or (in more modern times) with one of those fancy plastic kits - and the mesmerising circular pattern making would entertain you for hours on end?

Well, I do, and looking at our new diamonds design takes me straight back to my auntie's kitchen table, I'm wearing a scratchy woollen winter uniform and the rain and mud in the garden means I can't play outside until mum picks me up so getting creative with whatever I had in my school bag and pencil case were the next best option.

Snapping back into the present and I can see where this particular design got its name, it may not have clarity and carrots but it certainly has class (is that one of the c's?). If you look at the shapes made by the repeating circular design then Diamonds will inevitably appear.

Where can you see this design being used in your workplace?

Braille Signage


So we've been a little quite about our Braille range of late, but don't you worry we've been working hard on the range (as well as loads of other projects) so please forgive the silence.

Just as a bit of a refresher (or in case you don't already know), the Tint Design Braille Sign range are packed with the following features and points of difference -

- We have an exclusive and accredited range of icons
- All our sign layouts are designed in accordance with AS 1428.1
- Each sign is made to order with an industry competitive turn around
- Professional installation is available in and around all major Australian cities
- Each sign layout has an area that is able to be fully customised to compliment your project's design
- All our signs are printed onto superior grade acrylic with a matte finish
- Four base colours are available and as CMYK printing is standard our print colour range is extensive

While we're still working on the best way to showcase this range to you please don't hesitate to get in touch for free artwork samples for your next project. Simply send your tender or project drawings to estimating@tintdesign.com.au and elevate your compliance signage to the next level.

Tint Design Decorative Braille Signs bridge the gap between aesthetics and compliance.

We're attending Equinox Sydney!


We're off to Sydney!

Throughout the year AIS has been hosting their fantastic industry networking and trade show nights all over Australia and New Zealand, and next Thursday night when they return to Sydney in style with their first Sydney Evolution event, and Tint Design will be on display!

Showcasing our brand new stand that will be packed with samples and information on our new and existing services we hope that you'll be in attendance and can stop by to say hello - there'll be a fabulous gift bag in it for you if you do!

Project - Irabina Autism Services

When we were first approached by Irabina Autism Services to install some frosted film at their Bayswater premises we didn’t know that by the end of the measure and quote visit we’d be offering the supply and installation free of charge.

Irabina is Australia’s only Autism specific service provider for children and young people with the only severe behaviour program in the Asia Pacific Region. The services they provide are not just aimed at the youths affected with autism but extends to supporting each individual’s family network to ensure that all those who interact with them on a daily basis have the knowledge and support they need as well.

The newly Frosted Windows in the activity rooms of the center will help to keep the focus in the room by minimizing distractions on the other side of the glass.

The work that Irabina do for their clients and the community around them is wonderful so assisting them in our own small way is more than a donation, it’s our way of saying thanks for doing what you do.

Project: Shepparton Law Court

Who doesn't love a good throwback project?!

The external facade of Shepparton Law Courts is, to date, one of the largest precision cut projects we've undertaken, and the largest external facade project in Tint Design history.

The sheer scale of this project was not the only admirable aspect, when broken down the coordination that it required was a feat in itself and with the unexpected delay on glass delivery (thanks to the frustratingly unpredictable nature of the weather at sea) the last minute spanner in the works meant that the original plan of installing the panels in sequence and by level changed to, install whichever panel comes out of the container first - such a nightmare!

Not to worry though, our project coordinator and installer didn't miss a beat and as all the panels were meticulously labeled and registered the process of locating the exact panel that had been prepared for each unique window pane was efficiently straight forward.

To say that the project didn't have its challenges would be a lie, you can't commit to something of this scale and not expect the whole job to turn on its head at some point. That is why we assess the risks and put in contingencies wherever we can to ensure that no matter the detour we have a plan to enable us to get back on course as soon as is humanly possible.

We couldn't be prouder of the end result of this project and for what may seem like an insignificant detail on such a grand building, we can assure you that it was no minor feat to get it there and we commend our staff for their exceptional teamwork and seamless communication.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Painting Blog Banner.png

Not all graffiti vandalism is created with paint or markers, sometimes scratches into glass can be just as effective - not that we’re trying to give you any ideas!

The point is that not many people are aware that scratch graffiti can often be the most destructive, where there are many market cleaners that can tackle paints and inks the process for buffing out scratches in glass can be costly and if ineffective then glass replacement may be your only option.

Did you know that many of the top range graffiti and vandalism prevention films are designed specifically with scratch protection in mind?

Well, now that you do consider how that kind of technology can be invaluable on publicly accessible windows and glass panels.  

Shop fronts, bus shelters, glass partitions, framed poster boards - there are many glass surfaces that are exposed to potential vandalism, the question is can you afford to replace the glass if someone does decide to get a little scratch happy?

Gradient Fade Range

Fade Effex Collection.png

Fade Effex is Tint Design’s range of gradient graphics created in response to a constant demand for this type of effect. It is a popular solution to privacy obstacles in modern workplaces.

Often the way large office spaces are broken down into smaller offices and meeting spaces is with floor-to-ceiling glass divider walls - great for light and the illusion of open-plan, but terrible for privacy. Another reason for using floor to ceiling glass from a design point of view is that often when you break down a space into smaller rooms you will inevitably close off some of those spaces from the natural light source of any external facing windows - making the walls out of glass however will still allow that light to flow seemingly uninterrupted throughout the space.

So when the need for privacy but the desire for light is your problem then it’s likely that one of our Fade Effex graphics is the solution. Fades are a completely flexible design option that can combat sight-line issues without completely closing off a space. Depending on your needs, the level of opacity can be altered at any height and in any direction. The options available in our Design Range are representations of what is possible however all Fade Effex artwork is customised to your specific needs.

For more information or a free measure and quote to include Fade Effex within your space, Contact Us today.

Throwback project: Monash University Logan Hall external facade

It doesn’t feel like that long ago we were in the factory installing this digitally printed white ink graphic onto the glass panels for the Facade of the Logan Hall Residents building at Monash University in Clayton - yet here we are are reflecting on this amazing project and it’s how hard it is to miss when you pass by it.

This project involved many hours of planning and testing to ensure the longevity of this digital print as the applicated film was to be encased in each double glazed unit as it was being installed by crane to the facade of the building.

Working closely with the construction team we were able to ensure that the timeline allowed for adequate drying time between the wet application of film and onsite installation of glass that would trap the film - as well as any residual moisture that wasn’t allowed to dry fully. As some may well be aware, trapped moisture within a double glazed unit can result in unwanted haze or fogging which is exactly what we were trying to avoid.

While this style of application has it’s risks and it’s not our preferred method of installation, it did achieve the exact look that the designers and architects were trying to achieve and the sheer scale of impact the design has as you pass it on one of the main drives of the Clayton campus is outstanding.

So if you have a seemingly un-achievable installation or you simply want to bring some personality and wow-factor to the front of your business, be sure to contact us for a free measure and quote!