Anti-Graffiti Film

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Not all graffiti vandalism is created with paint or markers, sometimes scratches into glass can be just as effective - not that we’re trying to give you any ideas!

The point is that not many people are aware that scratch graffiti can often be the most destructive, where there are many market cleaners that can tackle paints and inks the process for buffing out scratches in glass can be costly and if ineffective then glass replacement may be your only option.

Did you know that many of the top range graffiti and vandalism prevention films are designed specifically with scratch protection in mind?

Well, now that you do consider how that kind of technology can be invaluable on publicly accessible windows and glass panels.  

Shop fronts, bus shelters, glass partitions, framed poster boards - there are many glass surfaces that are exposed to potential vandalism, the question is can you afford to replace the glass if someone does decide to get a little scratch happy?

Gradient Fade Range

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Fade Effex is Tint Design’s range of gradient graphics created in response to a constant demand for this type of effect. It is a popular solution to privacy obstacles in modern workplaces.

Often the way large office spaces are broken down into smaller offices and meeting spaces is with floor-to-ceiling glass divider walls - great for light and the illusion of open-plan, but terrible for privacy. Another reason for using floor to ceiling glass from a design point of view is that often when you break down a space into smaller rooms you will inevitably close off some of those spaces from the natural light source of any external facing windows - making the walls out of glass however will still allow that light to flow seemingly uninterrupted throughout the space.

So when the need for privacy but the desire for light is your problem then it’s likely that one of our Fade Effex graphics is the solution. Fades are a completely flexible design option that can combat sight-line issues without completely closing off a space. Depending on your needs, the level of opacity can be altered at any height and in any direction. The options available in our Design Range are representations of what is possible however all Fade Effex artwork is customised to your specific needs.

For more information or a free measure and quote to include Fade Effex within your space, Contact Us today.

Throwback project: Monash University Logan Hall external facade

It doesn’t feel like that long ago we were in the factory installing this digitally printed white ink graphic onto the glass panels for the Facade of the Logan Hall Residents building at Monash University in Clayton - yet here we are are reflecting on this amazing project and it’s how hard it is to miss when you pass by it.

This project involved many hours of planning and testing to ensure the longevity of this digital print as the applicated film was to be encased in each double glazed unit as it was being installed by crane to the facade of the building.

Working closely with the construction team we were able to ensure that the timeline allowed for adequate drying time between the wet application of film and onsite installation of glass that would trap the film - as well as any residual moisture that wasn’t allowed to dry fully. As some may well be aware, trapped moisture within a double glazed unit can result in unwanted haze or fogging which is exactly what we were trying to avoid.

While this style of application has it’s risks and it’s not our preferred method of installation, it did achieve the exact look that the designers and architects were trying to achieve and the sheer scale of impact the design has as you pass it on one of the main drives of the Clayton campus is outstanding.

So if you have a seemingly un-achievable installation or you simply want to bring some personality and wow-factor to the front of your business, be sure to contact us for a free measure and quote!

New Design of the month

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Although our ‘Crash’ design is a great fit as a Privacy Band it is not limited to this application. This design can be printed, cut out, inverted or stenciled from or on any of our print media or rigid substrates.

Lineal designs are timeless and one like this that is decoratively busy yet literally quite simple provides a statement decorative element that doesn’t close the space. Perfect for a small office or petite conference room.

New Financial Year - New Website!

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It doesn’t seem that long ago that we announced the launch of our new website and yet here we are again with the same announcement!

Time, technology, innovation and creativity don’t stand still and neither does Tint Design. As our products and services increase so too do our Designs and ranges providing an ever-expanding catalogue for you to access.

As such, once again we have changed things up and are proud to launch our new and improved Tint Design website. We love it but don’t take our word for it - Check It Out for yourself and tell us what you think!

Design Range At Work

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At the Housing Trust: Wollongong fitout a design was chosen from the TD Design Range for a decorative privacy band across the board room window.

‘Ascending/Descending’ in white ink allows for the natural light from the external windows in the boardroom to still reach in to the main office while still providing an adequate screen between the main office and boardroom.

While our Ascending/Descending design brings creative flair to this fitout the use of Fade Effex (gradient) was installed to ensure additional privacy for windows facing a public access area.

We have a wide range of designs located on our Pinterest page that will assist you in reaching your fitouts full potential, be sure to check them out!

Design of month

A new addition to our 'Geometric' Design Range ‘Center Quadrant’ works well as a striking feature graphic component within your space but can also tick a few of your privacy requirement boxes as well.

At a large scale and depending on the density of the graphic, this design can act as somewhat of a Privacy screen for a boardroom window but still allows for sections of visibility that, for a small space, doesn't make the room feel closed in, and for a busy office allows your colleagues to see at a glance when the room is occupied.

Get in Contact with one of our reps today to make ‘Center Quadrant’ your new office focus!


This recently completed fitout by Spectrum for The College of Law included some very creative placements of wall graphics on the pillars throughout the building.

As a provider of practical legal education for it's members since 1974, The College of Law is an invaluable place of learning for many of Australasia's future legal minds. Therefore it is only fitting that the space in which they work and learn is as fresh and slick as the workplaces they are likely to join post graduation.
Using a custom photograph of the Supreme Court of Victoria building, sections of the historic facade provide a stark yet sophisticated contrast to to the modern layout.

We love the finished product and how our reception Signage is so prominent for visitors.

Warm up your walls with wall graphics this Winter

Nothing makes an interior statement more profoundly that the addition of a feature wall within your home.

Our branch company TD at Home have released a stunning Design Range that covers a vast array of tastes and styles so there is sure to be something to entice your creative streak.

Check out the impressive catalogue here or follow the TD at Home Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages to see regular design features.

An electric event!

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Melbourne’s first AIS Equinox event for 2019 was anything but a small affair. Not only did exhibitors exceed expectations with their stands and presentations, but the attendee record was amazing!

There was such a buzz in the room all night and it was great to meet so many new people as well as re-connect with many familiar faces.

For those who didn't quite get there on Thursday, not to worry, you'll have a chance to see us again at the Evolution event at the Carlton Exhibition buildings in October and for any Sydney siders make sure you drop in on us at the Sydney Evolution event in September!

As always, if you require any further information on any of our products or services please drop us a line at or book a time that is convenient for you and your team and we'll put together a presentation tailored to your interests.