A colourful design for young bookworms!

Photo Collage Template - 3up-01-01.jpg

An exciting new upgrade for the children at Cheltenham Primary School library. 

This fun design selected from Tint Design's Design Range encourages kids to read for pleasure and engage in conversation with fellow students. Although in this context  this design meets its full potential, it is not only limited to Digital Print on clear or frosted film. Diversity is the key to artistic expression which is why Tint Design have worked hard to perfect their printing techniques on to products such as traditional Wallpaper and rigid medias like Acoustic Panels which will dampen sound and protect walls. This kind of flexibility allows for a graphic design to be carried through an entire space seamlessly and the effect can be breathtaking.

Any of the designs from the Tint Design catalogue can be customised, for example, by varying shades of colours and gradients to increase intensity or altering the scale. This kind of flexibility allows each and everyone one of clients to really own the design of their space and compliment its unique form.

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