Gradient Fade Range

Fade Effex Collection.png

Fade Effex is Tint Design’s range of gradient graphics created in response to a constant demand for this type of effect. It is a popular solution to privacy obstacles in modern workplaces.

Often the way large office spaces are broken down into smaller offices and meeting spaces is with floor-to-ceiling glass divider walls - great for light and the illusion of open-plan, but terrible for privacy. Another reason for using floor to ceiling glass from a design point of view is that often when you break down a space into smaller rooms you will inevitably close off some of those spaces from the natural light source of any external facing windows - making the walls out of glass however will still allow that light to flow seemingly uninterrupted throughout the space.

So when the need for privacy but the desire for light is your problem then it’s likely that one of our Fade Effex graphics is the solution. Fades are a completely flexible design option that can combat sight-line issues without completely closing off a space. Depending on your needs, the level of opacity can be altered at any height and in any direction. The options available in our Design Range are representations of what is possible however all Fade Effex artwork is customised to your specific needs.

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