Braille Signage


So we've been a little quite about our Braille range of late, but don't you worry we've been working hard on the range (as well as loads of other projects) so please forgive the silence.

Just as a bit of a refresher (or in case you don't already know), the Tint Design Braille Sign range are packed with the following features and points of difference -

- We have an exclusive and accredited range of icons
- All our sign layouts are designed in accordance with AS 1428.1
- Each sign is made to order with an industry competitive turn around
- Professional installation is available in and around all major Australian cities
- Each sign layout has an area that is able to be fully customised to compliment your project's design
- All our signs are printed onto superior grade acrylic with a matte finish
- Four base colours are available and as CMYK printing is standard our print colour range is extensive

While we're still working on the best way to showcase this range to you please don't hesitate to get in touch for free artwork samples for your next project. Simply send your tender or project drawings to and elevate your compliance signage to the next level.

Tint Design Decorative Braille Signs bridge the gap between aesthetics and compliance.