Wesley College Stained Glass Window

Photographer: EZE Photography

Photographer: EZE Photography

This project had an interesting brief, to create the look of a stained glass window without the stained glass. Modern architecture often requires modern solutions to reinventing classic style and that's where Digitally Printed graphics can really shine.

The beauty of this solution lies not only in the aesthetics of the design but also the flexibility of the application. Should the school decide in the future to redesign the window the process is simply to remove and replace the printed graphics which is only a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire stained glass feature window.

This is not to say that traditional methods are no longer necessary, to the contrary, in many applications traditional methods are still the best solution, however it is great to know that an alternative method is available that champions flexibility.

At Tint Design we love a challenge, this year alone we have printed on OSB boards, textured ceiling tiles and metal plates for large external signs. All of these projects came to life after working directly with our clients to create samples over a year ago during the design phase of the project and boy has that paid off in spades - stay tuned for pictures of these finished projects.