Anti - Graffiti Film

Anti-Graffiti Film

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Not all graffiti vandalism is created with paint or markers, sometimes scratches into glass can be just as effective - not that we’re trying to give you any ideas!

The point is that not many people are aware that scratch graffiti can often be the most destructive, where there are many market cleaners that can tackle paints and inks the process for buffing out scratches in glass can be costly and if ineffective then glass replacement may be your only option.

Did you know that many of the top range graffiti and vandalism prevention films are designed specifically with scratch protection in mind?

Well, now that you do consider how that kind of technology can be invaluable on publicly accessible windows and glass panels.  

Shop fronts, bus shelters, glass partitions, framed poster boards - there are many glass surfaces that are exposed to potential vandalism, the question is can you afford to replace the glass if someone does decide to get a little scratch happy?