Elegance meets Privacy with Casper Cloaking film

cloaking film-01-01.jpg

As you may have seen on Tint Design's social media pages, we are now installing Casper Cloaking Film and we are over the moon about it!

With the socials having sparked a number of enquiries we thought we should share some more information about this product that will solve your privacy challenges without compromising your design.

Casper Cloaking film is an incredible solution to enabling total privacy of LED displays while achieving an open office space, this is an ideal solution for data privacy for industries including but not limited to: banks and financial institutions, executive offices, or  businesses with valuable intellectual property.

This type of film can be applied on to any clear or smooth glass surface with the option of Digital Print to compliment or carry through any decorative elements of your design. This is achieved by installing the cloaking film on the inside of the room allowing the digitally printed film to be installed on the outside of the room resulting in a customized look to any given work space.

We simply love how Casper Cloaking Film opens spaces while maintaining privacy, and we think you will too!

Click Here for video on Casper Cloaking Film