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Gradient Fade Range

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Fade Effex is Tint Design’s range of gradient graphics created in response to a constant demand for this type of effect. It is a popular solution to privacy obstacles in modern workplaces.

Often the way large office spaces are broken down into smaller offices and meeting spaces is with floor-to-ceiling glass divider walls - great for light and the illusion of open-plan, but terrible for privacy. Another reason for using floor to ceiling glass from a design point of view is that often when you break down a space into smaller rooms you will inevitably close off some of those spaces from the natural light source of any external facing windows - making the walls out of glass however will still allow that light to flow seemingly uninterrupted throughout the space.

So when the need for privacy but the desire for light is your problem then it’s likely that one of our Fade Effex graphics is the solution. Fades are a completely flexible design option that can combat sight-line issues without completely closing off a space. Depending on your needs, the level of opacity can be altered at any height and in any direction. The options available in our Design Range are representations of what is possible however all Fade Effex artwork is customised to your specific needs.

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Design Range At Work

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At the Housing Trust: Wollongong fitout a design was chosen from the TD Design Range for a decorative privacy band across the board room window.

‘Ascending/Descending’ in white ink allows for the natural light from the external windows in the boardroom to still reach in to the main office while still providing an adequate screen between the main office and boardroom.

While our Ascending/Descending design brings creative flair to this fitout the use of Fade Effex (gradient) was installed to ensure additional privacy for windows facing a public access area.

We have a wide range of designs located on our Pinterest page that will assist you in reaching your fitouts full potential, be sure to check them out!

Gradient fade - A popular design choice


A popular design choice for privacy bands through glass partition fitouts is the classic gradient fade. Many clients over the years have submitted artwork that uses this technique and as often as we see it we know that it is, without a doubt, one of the best design options for most work spaces, and here is why.

Gradient fades can solve many client issues using the one design. In many cases a graphic privacy band is requested throughout an office fitout to mask boardroom windows, provide office privacy or simply hide unsightly views such as office furniture. Solving one of these problems is fine but when trying to solve a number of these issues within the same space it can hinder the creative process, for example a full height solid ink graphic would solve a masking issue but be too intense in a boardroom environment. 

This is where a good gradient design comes into play. 

With the fade out starting at the correct height a gradient fade can be purposely heavier on the opacity where you need to mask a view but then fade out to optically clear in order to still allow light into a room and not make the space feel too enclosed. It also provides a softer finish at the border rather that a solid edge that a frost film band would have.

The options available with gradient fades are truly endless, so to minimise the enormity of the task we’ve narrowed the option field with a small range of gradient fades to choose from however each one, as with any option in the Tint Design's Design Range, is completely customisable to suit your space and style.