Geometric Collection

September Design of the Month

Untitled design.png

Remember when you were a kid and someone showed you how to do a spirograph drawing - with either a compass and a pen, a drawing pin, pen, and piece of string or (in more modern times) with one of those fancy plastic kits - and the mesmerising circular pattern making would entertain you for hours on end?

Well, I do, and looking at our new diamonds design takes me straight back to my auntie's kitchen table, I'm wearing a scratchy woollen winter uniform and the rain and mud in the garden means I can't play outside until mum picks me up so getting creative with whatever I had in my school bag and pencil case were the next best option.

Snapping back into the present and I can see where this particular design got its name, it may not have clarity and carrots but it certainly has class (is that one of the c's?). If you look at the shapes made by the repeating circular design then Diamonds will inevitably appear.

Where can you see this design being used in your workplace?

Design of month

A new addition to our 'Geometric' Design Range ‘Center Quadrant’ works well as a striking feature graphic component within your space but can also tick a few of your privacy requirement boxes as well.

At a large scale and depending on the density of the graphic, this design can act as somewhat of a Privacy screen for a boardroom window but still allows for sections of visibility that, for a small space, doesn't make the room feel closed in, and for a busy office allows your colleagues to see at a glance when the room is occupied.

Get in Contact with one of our reps today to make ‘Center Quadrant’ your new office focus!

New addition to our design range

 As you may be aware, Tint Design have been testing new designs on our Pinterest page and we are already getting terrific reactions to them.

One of our latest designs is our 'HexPath' design which features above. In this graphic we have presented it as a dark wall paper design which creates a dramatic effect. Of course this design can be used in a variety of ways by changing the colour or scale but also, as it is a vector design, it can also be utilised with our Precision Cut service opening the possibilities up to a variety of films and applications.

We are only at the beginning of expanding our Design Range, so please follow us on Pinterest to keep up to date with our latest design releases and we'll work hard to provide your with an extensive variety.