Project - Irabina Autism Services

When we were first approached by Irabina Autism Services to install some frosted film at their Bayswater premises we didn’t know that by the end of the measure and quote visit we’d be offering the supply and installation free of charge.

Irabina is Australia’s only Autism specific service provider for children and young people with the only severe behaviour program in the Asia Pacific Region. The services they provide are not just aimed at the youths affected with autism but extends to supporting each individual’s family network to ensure that all those who interact with them on a daily basis have the knowledge and support they need as well.

The newly Frosted Windows in the activity rooms of the center will help to keep the focus in the room by minimizing distractions on the other side of the glass.

The work that Irabina do for their clients and the community around them is wonderful so assisting them in our own small way is more than a donation, it’s our way of saying thanks for doing what you do.

Geosmog - A TD design at work!


Geosmog is a unique design that can be found among our ever-growing list of geometric patterns within our Tint Design - Design Range Catalogue.

Used in this context, as a Privacy Band throughout a small office space, the alternating opacity within the design allows for privacy without completely blocking the view between spaces. A solid frost band can, in some spaces, close off an area like a solid wall which is great if that’s what you need but can be confining if your office space isn’t very big.

For more options like this be sure to check out our complete Design Range!

Privacy meets elegance


Squid® is a unique product, the likes of which have not really been seen before in the world of flat glass tinting. Some may argue that is has similar properties to various other options on the market however as a woven fabric the softness and elegance of the finish is second to none.

Designed specifically to provide a level of privacy that acts to screen instead of block is one of the aspects of the film that we love the most. In the same way that one-way vision film works, Squid® can also act as an almost complete block-out film when the light source is greater on the opposite side of the glass to the view you wish to mask. For example, in the image above you can clearly see the occupants of the cafe behind the soft layer of Squid® on the glass, that is because it is evening and the light inside the building is greater that the light outside.

For both commercial and residential applications we can see endless possibilities for his product!

Same same but different

Photo Collage Template - 2up-01-01.jpg

Here's an interesting example of a before and after snapped by one of our in-house installers.

At a recent install for an office fit out we replaced the building compliance safety decals on their central  boardroom with a 1500mm band of frosted film and it's a great example of how window film can be used as a cost effective non-permanent room divider.

The beauty of using film products to transform your space is that over time when either your taste or budget changes you can easily remove and replace the existing for a dramatic change that can be completed in the blink of an eye!

For a free measure and quote at your workplace contact our Melbourne office on 03 9724 5100 or e-mail your details to

Elegance meets Privacy with Casper Cloaking film

cloaking film-01-01.jpg

As you may have seen on Tint Design's social media pages, we are now installing Casper Cloaking Film and we are over the moon about it!

With the socials having sparked a number of enquiries we thought we should share some more information about this product that will solve your privacy challenges without compromising your design.

Casper Cloaking film is an incredible solution to enabling total privacy of LED displays while achieving an open office space, this is an ideal solution for data privacy for industries including but not limited to: banks and financial institutions, executive offices, or  businesses with valuable intellectual property.

This type of film can be applied on to any clear or smooth glass surface with the option of Digital Print to compliment or carry through any decorative elements of your design. This is achieved by installing the cloaking film on the inside of the room allowing the digitally printed film to be installed on the outside of the room resulting in a customized look to any given work space.

We simply love how Casper Cloaking Film opens spaces while maintaining privacy, and we think you will too!

Click Here for video on Casper Cloaking Film