Shepparton Law Courts

Project: Shepparton Law Court

Who doesn't love a good throwback project?!

The external facade of Shepparton Law Courts is, to date, one of the largest precision cut projects we've undertaken, and the largest external facade project in Tint Design history.

The sheer scale of this project was not the only admirable aspect, when broken down the coordination that it required was a feat in itself and with the unexpected delay on glass delivery (thanks to the frustratingly unpredictable nature of the weather at sea) the last minute spanner in the works meant that the original plan of installing the panels in sequence and by level changed to, install whichever panel comes out of the container first - such a nightmare!

Not to worry though, our project coordinator and installer didn't miss a beat and as all the panels were meticulously labeled and registered the process of locating the exact panel that had been prepared for each unique window pane was efficiently straight forward.

To say that the project didn't have its challenges would be a lie, you can't commit to something of this scale and not expect the whole job to turn on its head at some point. That is why we assess the risks and put in contingencies wherever we can to ensure that no matter the detour we have a plan to enable us to get back on course as soon as is humanly possible.

We couldn't be prouder of the end result of this project and for what may seem like an insignificant detail on such a grand building, we can assure you that it was no minor feat to get it there and we commend our staff for their exceptional teamwork and seamless communication.