Solar Film

How to handle the heat!

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The mercury is rising and for those who have been revelling in the comfort of the chilly winter evenings in-front of the heater or fire with a hot drink and take-away food containers - it's time to face reality -

Summer Is Coming!

And with that so is the heat, glare and uncomfortable UV rays through your naked windows.

Thankfully there are many wonderful retro-fit solutions that can help you combat that nasty trifecta and we at Tint Design (and TD at Home) are experts at helping you select the right solution for your space.

Whether the weather is your main concern, or perhaps you're after additional privacy or security there is almost always a solution for you... except for "one-way film" it doesn't exist - sorry!

So for up to 99% reduction in UV, 93% reduction in light/glare and a significant drop in heat what reason could you possibly have to not give us a call?

An electric event!

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Melbourne’s first AIS Equinox event for 2019 was anything but a small affair. Not only did exhibitors exceed expectations with their stands and presentations, but the attendee record was amazing!

There was such a buzz in the room all night and it was great to meet so many new people as well as re-connect with many familiar faces.

For those who didn't quite get there on Thursday, not to worry, you'll have a chance to see us again at the Evolution event at the Carlton Exhibition buildings in October and for any Sydney siders make sure you drop in on us at the Sydney Evolution event in September!

As always, if you require any further information on any of our products or services please drop us a line at or book a time that is convenient for you and your team and we'll put together a presentation tailored to your interests.

Solar film - so many benefits and it looks so good!


Reducing heat and glare are usually two of the main reasons people choose to install Solar Film at their home or office, however did you realise that depending on the film you choose it also adds a bonus level of privacy during the day!

As you can see from the install we did at CHR Hansen, the addition of solar film not only obscures the view from outside during the day but it also gives the building a polished finish with the new reflective surfaces! It’s also worth noting that the view from inside the office has hardly changed but the hidden features of the window that has the film installed include a massive reduction in the percentage of penetrating glare and harmful UV rays.

If your home of office requires needs a facelift, additional privacy or simply a reduction of glare and penetrating UV rays then Contact Us for a free measure and quote!