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How to handle the heat!

Beat the Heat!.png

The mercury is rising and for those who have been revelling in the comfort of the chilly winter evenings in-front of the heater or fire with a hot drink and take-away food containers - it's time to face reality -

Summer Is Coming!

And with that so is the heat, glare and uncomfortable UV rays through your naked windows.

Thankfully there are many wonderful retro-fit solutions that can help you combat that nasty trifecta and we at Tint Design (and TD at Home) are experts at helping you select the right solution for your space.

Whether the weather is your main concern, or perhaps you're after additional privacy or security there is almost always a solution for you... except for "one-way film" it doesn't exist - sorry!

So for up to 99% reduction in UV, 93% reduction in light/glare and a significant drop in heat what reason could you possibly have to not give us a call?