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Designers who tint with Tint Design

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At Tint Design we occasionally assist on projects that are a little outside of our usual scope of works but we’re pleased to say that the final result of this particular project was worth the extra effort.

Elliat Rich’s Other Places – Mirrors were exhibited in early 2018 at the Sophie Gannon Gallery in Melbourne as a part of the Design Work 02: Elliat Rich, Dale Hardiman and Chen Lu exhibition, presented as a part of the NGV’s Melbourne Design Week. The works were also recently featured in the November/December issue of Vogue Living Magazine’s VLove shopping guide.

From the Artist: “Other Places moves intuitively between experience, visions and materials. It is what I’ve seen, and what I’ve imagined, furniture that evokes and/or embodies the landscapes of Australia. As a collection it off-sets a conceptual underpinning with a sense of curiosity and joy. It encapsulates accumulated observations, imagined myths, reminders of present wonders and desired futures, these are other places.”

Congratulations Elliat the final result was stunning!

For more information on this artwork please contact the Sophie Gannon Gallery.