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Anti-Graffiti Film

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Not all graffiti vandalism is created with paint or markers, sometimes scratches into glass can be just as effective - not that we’re trying to give you any ideas!

The point is that not many people are aware that scratch graffiti can often be the most destructive, where there are many market cleaners that can tackle paints and inks the process for buffing out scratches in glass can be costly and if ineffective then glass replacement may be your only option.

Did you know that many of the top range graffiti and vandalism prevention films are designed specifically with scratch protection in mind?

Well, now that you do consider how that kind of technology can be invaluable on publicly accessible windows and glass panels.  

Shop fronts, bus shelters, glass partitions, framed poster boards - there are many glass surfaces that are exposed to potential vandalism, the question is can you afford to replace the glass if someone does decide to get a little scratch happy?

Gliding through Summer!


With Summer coming to a end and Autumn around the corner, we thought we would celebrate the end of season with a new design.

We’ve been noticing natural and light graphics are a growing trend for interior fitouts, with the inspiration of the outdoors coming into working environments to encourage productivity and employee satisfaction. This was the inspiration behind our new addition to the design range called ‘Glide’. Digitally printing white onto frost brings out the tiny details that make this design so unique and lifelike.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest page, we are constantly uploading new designs on there every month with the hope it gives you some inspiration for your next project!

Solar film - so many benefits and it looks so good!


Reducing heat and glare are usually two of the main reasons people choose to install Solar Film at their home or office, however did you realise that depending on the film you choose it also adds a bonus level of privacy during the day!

As you can see from the install we did at CHR Hansen, the addition of solar film not only obscures the view from outside during the day but it also gives the building a polished finish with the new reflective surfaces! It’s also worth noting that the view from inside the office has hardly changed but the hidden features of the window that has the film installed include a massive reduction in the percentage of penetrating glare and harmful UV rays.

If your home of office requires needs a facelift, additional privacy or simply a reduction of glare and penetrating UV rays then Contact Us for a free measure and quote!

Flashback of 2018


What a great way to burst into 2019 by reflecting on the some of the highlights of 2018! After a great year and a variety of different projects that highlight Tint Design’s vast range of services and supply options, we can’t wait to see what’s up next!

In 2019 we are also excited about the new products and services that we are launching this year so keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter!

We are keen and raring to go, so please contact us if you’d like us to advise, provide a sample, or quote on your next project!

It's time for spring racing

We pulled these photos out of the archives, which was a job we did for the Spring Racing Carnival in 2017.

The private marquee in the Bird Cage featured acrylic panels to which we installed dichroic window film. As you can see from the pictures above, the film creates a harlequin effect which was a unique and colourful rainbow like choice for the 2017 Flemington fitout. An event like this is a great opportunity to be creative using bold and unique products and designs.

Be it fashion or interior fitouts, it’s always exciting to watch the Carnival to see what’s on trend!

Introducing Squid - A brand new product!


Is it a film? Is it fabric? It’s one that acts like the other!

Squid is a self-adhesive translucent textile for window treatment. Basically, it’s fabric that you can stick to glass, and it’s amazing!

This new product to hit Australian shores is from Belgium and bridges the gap between window film and blinds to solve privacy issues.

It comes in five neutral colours; Chalk, Bone, Oak, Ash and Rock which on their own are elegant and sophisticated. However, by teaming it up with our Tint Design services, we are also able to Digitally Print onto the Squid product to create custom and unique window treatments.

If you would like to see the Squid range or discuss it’s benefits further, please contact our team at Tint Design and we will be happy to come and meet with you.

Elegance meets Privacy with Casper Cloaking film

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As you may have seen on Tint Design's social media pages, we are now installing Casper Cloaking Film and we are over the moon about it!

With the socials having sparked a number of enquiries we thought we should share some more information about this product that will solve your privacy challenges without compromising your design.

Casper Cloaking film is an incredible solution to enabling total privacy of LED displays while achieving an open office space, this is an ideal solution for data privacy for industries including but not limited to: banks and financial institutions, executive offices, or  businesses with valuable intellectual property.

This type of film can be applied on to any clear or smooth glass surface with the option of Digital Print to compliment or carry through any decorative elements of your design. This is achieved by installing the cloaking film on the inside of the room allowing the digitally printed film to be installed on the outside of the room resulting in a customized look to any given work space.

We simply love how Casper Cloaking Film opens spaces while maintaining privacy, and we think you will too!

Click Here for video on Casper Cloaking Film