Decorating with Precision!

Tint Design recently installed a series of Precision Cut graphics at the Sistema Plastics Dandenong offices, adding yet another impressive project to ourPortfolio.

The design concept of this project celebrated Sistema's origins in New Zealand, as well as how far they have come, now exporting to 82 countries around the world.

Tint Design used their Precision Cut service by cutting out a list of countries in coloured vinyl film which were then installed on the wall of the office stairwell. Additionally, a map of the world was Precision Cut out of blue vinyl film and red vinyl locator dots were then cut and overlaid onto the graphic.

There are a large range of films available for use in a Precision Cut project, not only in different colours but also varied transparencies. Precision Cut designs can be installed onto plaster walls or glass and can be combined with our Vision Effex digital print service for an even broader scope of decorative options.

More photos of this project can be seen under the Sistema Plastics Project along with other projects which showcase the range of possibilities for Precision Cut graphics!