The Science of Wallpaper

The final installment in Tint Design's series of Vision Effex ceiling graphics at Presbyterian Ladies College here, and it looks incredible!

This time the graphics, once again designed by Cox Architecture, are all about science, a fitting theme for their location in the science labs. The lucky students have a lot to look up to, with a number of designs dominating the space above their heads, a particular favorite being the awe-inspiring view of the universe!

The size of these graphics was immense, the universe image alone covers a 50 square meter ceiling! This of course meant that the images had to be printed on smaller panels and installed side by side. Thanks to Tint Design's use of traditional wallpaper, (and our talented installers!) the joins between the panels are almost invisible!

You can see more of this project on our website under the PLC Science Project, and the original two PLC ceiling graphic projects under the PLC Project and the PLC Lunch Room Project.

Please contact our office if you are interested in the powerful effect of ceiling graphics for your own project!