Vision Effex: Not Just For Decoration!

Tint Design was recently a part of the new office fitout project for Koda Capital and Flinders Investment Partners/Westoz.

Located in Bourke Street Melbourne, the project required independent looks for the two companies who are sharing office space but still remaining separate.Designed by In2Space, the fitout involved corporate signage, with both logos and lettering cut from acrylic, spray painted and pinned off the wall. Two designs were digitally printed using Tint Design's Vision Effex Service and installed in each company's private spaces. Tint Design also installed frost film for additional privacy to offices.

This project highlights how effective Vision Effex can be not only as a decorative tool but also to define spaces. It was used here to unify connected offices and to also distinguish between the two companies' separate spaces. It can be used to create as much or as little privacy as required.