“First a new website, now a new machine!”

Closely following the launch of our new website and introduction into the world of Social Media came a new addition to the Tint Design Team – our brand new Vision Effex digital printing machine.

The Anapurna printer is the latest model of our existing Anapurna UV white printer. This new and improved model allows for faster output and greater clarity in our printing. On its own, this new machine is a huge asset to our business but incorporated with our existing range of digital printers means that Tint Design can now improve its speed of output and standard of product which is a win for all. 

These printers are flat bed printers with the ability to also print in white ink, an advantage which has expanded our range of products and services available.
Since we began digitally printing onto film over 10 years ago this sector has exploded over the years seeing us experiment with printing onto different forms of rigid media and resulting in the printing onto substrates such as acoustic panels, as a standard product in our business. 

Printing technology is quickly and forever improving, however we endeavour to continue updating our machinery range in order to meet the requirements of the latest design trends and printing capabilities.