Launch of our New Website!

Tint Design is proud and excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes the past few months to create a website that appeals to our clients, is easy to navigate and hopefully inspires creative project and design solutions.

Our site includes a page on each of our Services including Vision Effex digital print, Rigid Media and Privacy Bands and Safety Decals. Our Portfolio section divides our gallery into the two categories; Applications and Projects. This allows our clients to search for photo examples of jobs we’ve done based on Applications categories such as Glass Panels and Wall Graphics or Projects categories such as Hospitality and Education.  

One of the areas we are particularly excited about is our updated Design Range. We’ve added some fresh new designs and separated them under categories of Film and Wall, Privacy Bands and Safety Decals. It appears our clients are also keen on the idea with our designs already having been specified on projects. Over time we plan to expand this section with new designs and examples of how they can be used and manipulated.

With a new website also came an introduction into the world of social media. Our old newsletters have been replaced with Blogs a summary of which will be sent out monthly to our interested clients. We have also injected ourselves into the world of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and encourage you all to like and follow us as we display our projects as well as highlight topics of industry interest and design trends.

We are excited about how our new avenues of marketing will both promote our business and assist our clients in theirs and welcome any feedback or ideas you may have on making our site even more relevant and inspiring in the future.