Stonnington Brightens up their Precinct

Stage 1 of the Stonnington Civic Precinct Project was one with an impressive outcome. The project, run by Harris HMC Interiors, included the collaboration between Tint Design and William Ross Architects to create design solutions that would meet the client’s requirements. 

The brief for the atrium was to obscure visibility to the spandrel panels while achieving a visually appealing and luminous space. In order to achieve this, coloured frost and white translucent film panels were installed strategically across the atrium resulting in an effect that has great decorative impact while letting an aesthetically pleasing amount of light to flood into the space. 

The internal offices required privacy bands that would add maximum decorative impact without limiting visibility. A geometric design was digitally printed in white ink onto optically clear film. The design included built in safety decals to meet safety requirements and clear pin lines to improve visibility. 

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