Telstra canopy gets a touch of frost!

For something a little different than our usual film installations, we recently installed film to the underside of a glass canopy outside of the Telstra Discovery Store in Melbourne’s CBD. 

The canopy, project managed by Harris HMC Interiors, is a feature on the busy city corner of Burke and Swanston Streets but as such, came with many installation challenges which required a great deal of preplanning with both the builder and the glazier.

Architects Geyer, specified a 3M Fasara decorative film with a dot pattern to be installed to the underside of the four meter long glass panels. Given the canopy’s location, the large film panels were required to be installed at night using scissor lifts for access which was a challenging installation but in the end a successful one. 

This canopy is not Tint Design’s first and we suspect the trend will continue as it displays yet another example of where film can be a great feature and decorative solution to any glass panel.

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