Digital Graphics enhance new Indigenous Garden at RMIT

Tint Design were invited to work on a special project for RMIT to commemorate Reconciliation Week at their city campus where digital graphics is a featured element of the overall design. 

The scope of the project included installing a full cover one-way vision graphic designed by Aboriginal digital artist Aroha Groves, to the external glass façade of Building 15. This prominent feature is an impressive element of the new Indigenous Garden, Ngarara Place, designed by Greenaway Architects

In addition to this, a temporary floor graphic was installed to the steps of adjacent to the garden to create a decorative and symbolic backdrop for the formal events taking place during Reconciliation Week. The artwork was digitally printed on temporary floor vinyl and installed skilfully to the front face of the steps. Although the installation was a challenge, the optically striking effect at its completion was well worth it. 

Once again Tint Design pushed its boundaries as to what our products and services are capable of achieving, proving once again that creatively, the options are endless.

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