Better Safe Than Sorry

For more information on Safety and Security Film please contact us 03 9724 5100 

For more information on Safety and Security Film please contact us 03 9724 5100 

Burglary, theft and vandalism are unfortunately realities we must deal with and commercial fit outs are not immune. While it isn’t easy to completely protect your property there are ways in which to make it safer and less desirable to criminals such as installing Security film onto external glass windows.

This film is available in different thicknesses and depending on the thickness, the film can provide varied benefits. In its thinner form it can be used as a safety film. That is, if the glass is broken, the film holds it together and stops the shattered pieces falling to the floor causing safety concerns. This film is particularly popular in places with children such as schools and childcare centre’s.

As the thickness of the film increases so too does its benefits. In its thicker forms it’s regarded as a security film. This film adhered to glass, makes penetrating the glass near impossible or at the very least, a time consuming process which would deter anyone trying to forcibly get in. 

While these films can be an asset to your premises, they need not be purely functional. Safety/Security film is an optically clear film which can be digitally printed on, meaning that not only will you be improving the safety and security of your fit out but you can also improve its appearance by using the product as a decorative or signage opportunity.

So if you’re considering improving the security or safety of your fit out or giving it a decorative makeover, why not consider both options and get the most out of this product.