Jumping into Spring with a New Design by Cassie Blomquist


We’ve been noticing a lot of Designs lately including foliage, so, we’ve come up with one of our own. Our ‘Creeper Leaves’ design has been released onto Pinterest along with a couple of other new designs, ‘Monstera’ and ‘Foliage’, which have also been inspired by the ‘leafy’ trend.

We find these types of designs quite versatile and classic, being able to blend nicely within a fitout without the risk of dating too quickly. There are so many design possibilities within this genre and therefore, if one of ours isn’t what you’re after, our design team are happy to work with you to develop the look you desire.

Tint Design at work! by Cassie Blomquist

At a recent install for We Make Online Videos our client had a bit of fun documenting the installation process and we think it’s a great showcase of some of the products and services we can offer your fitout.

The install included two digitally printed Acoustic walls, a precision cut Digital Print wall graphic, digitally printed logos on frost for their entry doors, and digitally printed graphics on optically clear film to create a subtle Privacy Band. It’s great to see our expert staff at work installing different finishes to a space that are as practical as they are decorative. The acoustic panels, for example, were chosen not only as a soft decorative finish but to combat an acoustic challenge the client had between two of their office spaces.

For more information on any of these products or to chat about how we can solve some of the design wishes you have to give your work space a facelift then contact us today or check out our socials for more design inspiration.

new addition to our design range by Cassie Blomquist

New Design-03.jpg

 As you may be aware, Tint Design have been testing new designs on our Pinterest page and we are already getting terrific reactions to them.

One of our latest designs is our 'HexPath' design which features above. In this graphic we have presented it as a dark wall paper design which creates a dramatic effect. Of course this design can be used in a variety of ways by changing the colour or scale but also, as it is a vector design, it can also be utilised with our Precision Cut service opening the possibilities up to a variety of films and applications.

We are only at the beginning of expanding our Design Range, so please follow us on Pinterest to keep up to date with our latest design releases and we'll work hard to provide your with an extensive variety.

We're Attending Equinox 2018 by Cassie Blomquist

We have some very exciting news!

With so many new products, services and exciting projects on the go for Tint Design we thought it only fitting to come and share these things with you in person at the September 20 (Sydney) and October 4 (Melbourne) AIS Equinox events!

AIS Australia have been perfecting these engagement exhibitions that showcase product, design and application suppliers, to the architectural and project management sectors throughout Australia and New Zealand. Having been an event sponsor for a number of years, Tint Design has decided to join the impressive list of exhibitors at this years main events in both Melbourne and Sydney. 

We are excited to share our new, Braille and Tactile Signage range as well as discuss the print capabilities of the two new Mimaki printers that we have added into our machinery fold. As well as this, we will also be releasing a brand new product, come down and have a look!

Equinox 2018 in Sydney and Melbourne are two exciting events that we can’t wait to attend so we hope we’ll be seeing you there! 

To find out more information on Equinox 2018 please head to http://www.aisaustralia.com/specifier/equinox/

Gradient Fade a popular design choice by Cassie Blomquist


A popular design choice for privacy bands through glass partition fitouts is the classic gradient fade. Many clients over the years have submitted artwork that uses this technique and as often as we see it we know that it is, without a doubt, one of the best design options for most work spaces, and here is why.

Gradient fades can solve many client issues using the one design. In many cases a graphic privacy band is requested throughout an office fitout to mask boardroom windows, provide office privacy or simply hide unsightly views such as office furniture. Solving one of these problems is fine but when trying to solve a number of these issues within the same space it can hinder the creative process, for example a full height solid ink graphic would solve a masking issue but be too intense in a boardroom environment. 

This is where a good gradient design comes into play. 

With the fade out starting at the correct height a gradient fade can be purposely heavier on the opacity where you need to mask a view but then fade out to optically clear in order to still allow light into a room and not make the space feel too enclosed. It also provides a softer finish at the border rather that a solid edge that a frost film band would have.

The options available with gradient fades are truly endless, so to minimise the enormity of the task we’ve narrowed the option field with a small range of gradient fades to choose from however each one, as with any option in the Tint Design's Design Range, is completely customisable to suit your space and style. 

Contact Us for a free measure, quote and sample today!

Same Same but Different by Cassie Blomquist

Photo Collage Template - 2up-01-02.jpg

Here's an interesting example of a before and after snapped by one of our in-house installers.

At a recent install for an office fit out we replaced the building compliance safety decals on their central  boardroom with a 1500mm band of frosted film and it's a great example of how window film can be used as a cost effective non-permanent room divider.

The beauty of using film products to transform your space is that over time when either your taste or budget changes you can easily remove and replace the existing for a dramatic change that can be completed in the blink of an eye!

For a free measure and quote at your workplace contact our Melbourne office on 03 9724 5100 or e-mail your details to admin@tintdesign.com.au

Award Winning Project by Cassie Blomquist


Tint Design were thrilled to be apart of the $18 million upgrade of the Bendigo Kangan Tafe Health and Community Centre of Excellence after being awarded the job via Hansen Yuncken as a result of the input provided during the design phase with Clarke Hopkins Clarke.

A beautifully designed space with a refreshing and clean atmosphere allows students to tap into their creative side and has a positive influence that assists with student success. This award winning design provides a professional environment that students should expect to experience when they enter the industry of their chosen profession. 

Although the design of this space is a stand out, the environmentally friendly details such as acoustic panels throughout the building, that assist with climate control and air quality, are a huge benefit. Also, the many sources of natural light create a healthy learning and working environment for both employees and students alike. 

Tint Design contributed to the supply and install of all of the acoustic wall finishings, optically clear white window graphics, custom made whiteboards and custom made directional signage throughout the entire building. The scope of this project and the multiple stages of install were a huge logistical undertaking but not impossible for the Tint Design team and associates. 

Tint Design would like to congratulate their friends at Hansen Yuncken for winning two Master Builders Awards and to Clarke Hopkins Clarke who were acknowledged in the 2018 Shaw Contract Design Awards for design excellence under the category of education and are now in the running for the People's Choice Award.

More Fun In The Office by Cassie Blomquist

Tylers Office-02.jpg

Custom printed wallpaper or vinyl can immediately transform a space from drab to dramatic!

As you can see above we had a bit of fun dressing up the dull corner that is occupied by our head of production and as this is such a prominent space we wanted something fun but had to think carefully about our colour selection - here's why.  

As well as brightening up an office space a thoughtful colour selection can have a lasting positive effect on staff productivity. Although each colour has a separate appeal we thought we would look into the psychology of colours in a workplace and how they can benefit our production team in the long term.

The colour red, can encourage feelings of excitement that increases brain activity which is great, however when choosing this colour it should be used as an accent and not a feature as an over saturation of this shade is known to have the adverse effect.

Orange and yellow are seen as happy colours and can energise employees which influences productivity. Yellow invokes a welcoming atmosphere and encourages us to tap into our creative sides while orange breeds enthusiasm. Again however when using these colours they too have a more positive effect when used in moderation. 

While using blue and green help you feel calm and relaxed they can also create the feeling of sadness when using darker hues so it is highly recommended to steer away from including large areas of deep, dark, cool tones.

Finally, purple is a colour that creates a great impression when entering a room and is also known for encouraging imagination - a colour that we definitely wanted to incorporate in this design.

We love how this graphic turned out and hope that it inspires some of you to take a look at your own work space and see how adding a splash of colour within your line of sight might change your level of focus throughout the day!  

a colourful design for young bookworms by Cassie Blomquist

Photo Collage Template - 3up-01-02.jpg

An exciting new upgrade for the children at Cheltenham Primary School library. 

This fun design selected from Tint Design's Design Range encourages kids to read for pleasure and engage in conversation with fellow students. Although in this context  this design meets its full potential, it is not only limited to Digital Print on clear or frosted film. Diversity is the key to artistic expression which is why Tint Design have worked hard to perfect their printing techniques on to products such as traditional Wallpaper and rigid medias like Acoustic Panels which will dampen sound and protect walls. This kind of flexibility allows for a graphic design to be carried through an entire space seamlessly and the effect can be breathtaking.

Any of the designs from the Tint Design catalogue can be customised, for example, by varying shades of colours and gradients to increase intensity or altering the scale. This kind of flexibility allows each and everyone one of clients to really own the design of their space and compliment its unique form.

To explore more samples of this design in different proportions and styles Click Here 

elegance meets privacy with casper cloaking film by Cassie Blomquist

cloaking film-01-02.jpg

As you may have seen on Tint Design's social media pages, we are now installing Casper Cloaking Film and we are over the moon about it!

With the socials having sparked a number of enquiries we thought we should share some more information about this product that will solve your privacy challenges without compromising your design.

Casper Cloaking film is an incredible solution to enabling total privacy of LED displays while achieving an open office space, this is an ideal solution for data privacy for industries including but not limited to: banks and financial institutions, executive offices, or  businesses with valuable intellectual property.

This type of film can be applied on to any clear or smooth glass surface with the option of Digital Print to compliment or carry through any decorative elements of your design. This is achieved by installing the cloaking film on the inside of the room allowing the digitally printed film to be installed on the outside of the room resulting in a customized look to any given work space.

We simply love how Casper Cloaking Film opens spaces while maintaining privacy, and we think you will too!

Click Here for video on Casper Cloaking Film