Acoustic Design

Getting Creative with Acoustic Panels

More fun in the office!

As you can see above, acoustic paneling has endless possibilities. You can combine the product’s range of colours and thickness, and custom cut them to any shape desired. We wanted to have some fun and experiment in this space which has been a major success!

Acoustic panels are an extremely popular wall finishing solution and a vital part of many fitouts. At Tint Design we can turn a dull room into a statement one, by using our Vision Effex and Precision Cutting services. The design possibilities are limitless for creating stand out features from a practical substrate.

We love how this office turned out and we hope we have inspired you to bring out your creative side.

What a Relief!

Images printed to white acoustic panels with relief shapes cut from solid charcoal panels 

Images printed to white acoustic panels with relief shapes cut from solid charcoal panels 

We’ve touched a little on acoustics in the past however the feedback of late has identified that there are many of our clients out there who still don’t know that we can supply, install, print onto, and precision cut acoustic paneling.
The pictures above are just a small example of a combination of our services applied to acoustic products. The relief effect used in both these examples shows how, with a little imagination, this product can not only add a warm and decorative finish to your fit-out but perhaps even a three dimensional one as well!

We have been surprised and inspired by the outstanding versatility of this product and look forward to helping you realise your next acoustic panel design. 

Acoustic Design

Acoustic panelling has become an essential part of many fitouts and the recent project, displayed above, designed by Kinart and installed at St Kevin's College, shows just a taste of the creative options that Tint Design can provide.

Tint Design brings the 'wow' factor to a necessary and otherwise unappealing element. Acoustic panels are commonly used in schools and universities to control noise in busy classrooms. They are also considered perfect to cover walls as they can additionally be used as pin boards. Their versatility makes them ideal for any professional fitout.

Tint Design can supply acoustic panels in a number of colours and thicknesses, which we can then print with any design, or precision cut to any shape or size before we install them. Using our Vision Effex service, the options are limitless for creating design features out of a practical substrate.

There are more photos from this project under the St Kevin's Acoustic project on our website and while you're having a look, why not consider Tint Design to turn your next project into something exceptional?