Precision Cut Frost Film

A Grand Design for Grand Pacific Tours

The smallest detail can have the greatest impact within a space. So something as simple as a Precision Cut pattern on Frost Film can separate you from other businesses and designs by making your fit-out more personalised and unique.

Here at Tint Design we have a range of Designs that you can choose from when selecting a Precision Cut pattern, or,  you may have an idea of your own that we can create for you.

Grant Pacific Tours have selected a design that not only serves it's primary function, being Privacy Bands to their meeting spaces, but also allows the perfect amount of light into their conference room. The Precision Cut band that breaks the top of the panel creates a decorative element but also allows the space to maintain an open feel.

There is no challenge too great or small at Tint Design – please contact our office if you are interested in frost film for your office fitout!

An Office Fit for company

It’s often said in conversation that doctors have the worst health and dentists the worst teeth, ones of those pseudo-facts that when repeated enough is just accepted as truth. These broad statements generalise the idea that whatever your profession, no matter how good you are at it, your motivation to practice what you preach is generally lacking. Well, that may not be the case for all those poor medical practitioners who are unfairly judged as being unhealthy or unhygienic - though I’m sorry to say that until recently it was in-fact the case for our own office/factory space in that the design of it (or lack thereof) was the big elephant in the room that everyone was staring at. 

Not anymore!

It will come about slowly as it is honestly due to our increasing workload and not lack of motivation that has enforced the neglect of our office refurbishment. However with stage one complete it is with pleasure that we can now reveal a little snippet of what we have going on at Tint Design.

Precision Cut frost and vinyl cut text are two fairly common requests among those who are looking to spruce up a workplace, create a bit of privacy, or simply add a bit of something to a space on a budget. So, the first section of our office face-lift comes by way of layered precision-cut texts and graphic design applied to two of our main office and meeting spaces. The hex-pattern is a long-time crowd pleaser and we thought that an example of how different scaled text layered through the design on the opposing side of the glass would be a great example of how to customise a design for your own space.

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Stonnington Brightens up their Precinct

Stage 1 of the Stonnington Civic Precinct Project was one with an impressive outcome. The project, run by Harris HMC Interiors, included the collaboration between Tint Design and William Ross Architects to create design solutions that would meet the client’s requirements. 

The brief for the atrium was to obscure visibility to the spandrel panels while achieving a visually appealing and luminous space. In order to achieve this, coloured frost and white translucent film panels were installed strategically across the atrium resulting in an effect that has great decorative impact while letting an aesthetically pleasing amount of light to flood into the space. 

The internal offices required privacy bands that would add maximum decorative impact without limiting visibility. A geometric design was digitally printed in white ink onto optically clear film. The design included built in safety decals to meet safety requirements and clear pin lines to improve visibility. 

For more on this project click here!

Delivering the Whole Package

Tint Design are continually working on expanding their business, and recent years have seen an increase in the addition of signage to office fitout packages.

The recent project completed at Meltwater on Collins Street is a terrific example of this, which saw the builder, McCormack Property Services utilising Tint Design for a range of services, including frosted film for meeting room privacy, precision cut film and entry area signage. This allows for consistency throughout the fitout, and the ease of organising these elements through only one company makes the process so much more efficient.

This particular signage design was a fantastic project to complete because it creates such a dynamic effect in the entry area. The look was achieved with 10mm white acrylic cut to shape with grey vinyl applied to the front. Being able to see the white edges of the acrylic gives the sign a subtle brightness and helps the company name and logo to stand out from the background.

You can see more photos of this fitout under the Meltwater News project on our website, and while you're there why not take a look at some of the other signage we have produced. For your next office fitout project please consider Tint Design to supply and install your film and signage.