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Cork – not just for popping Champagne!

Click on the picture for more images of samples we've printed!

Click on the picture for more images of samples we've printed!

Cork – it’s been put in bottles and on shoes, so why not on your walls!

It seems cork is making a comeback in interior design 2017 and Tint Design has been quick to respond. Recently we’ve seen popularity with wallpaper and acoustic panels being used as wall treatments and with texture being such an important component of interior design, cork seems to be another visual impact option having the ability to be a warm and striking feature.

Like acoustic panels the product is lightweight and has a textural element. However with its other common feature being the ability to double up as a pin board, we’re predicting cork will a popular wall treatment for the workplace or learning environments.

As with many glass or wall product trends, Tint Design is excited to be able to add our touch to it by taking the product from impressive to fabulous!! We’ve been digitally printing on some cork samples lately with a range of designs and the results have been really exciting! We believe that if you want a different look for your fit-out, digitally printed cork panels adhered to your wall may be the solution you were seeking.

We’re still ironing out the creases in regards to production on this but we’ll be ready to add it to our ever-growing list of products and services very soon. In the meantime feel free to contact us at Tint Design for a free sample and we will be more than happy to have one of our Reps come out and show you what all the fuss is about.

"can we talk about poland" an exhibition

Tint Design have in the past worked on many projects for the Jewish Museum of Australia. Recently we completed a number of elements for their exhibition “Can we talk about Poland”. The exhibition, which ran from March to July this year, shed light on Jewish life in post-war Poland through featured photographs by Arnold Zable and Lindsay Goldberg. 

Tint Design contributed to the exhibition by using a number of products and services which assisted in featuring and highlighting a range of elements from decorative and functional to interactive and participatory and overall bringing the exhibition to life.

A great deal of Precision Cut lettering was produced and installed by the way of quotes, signage, reflections and acknowledgements to name a few. Using our Vision Effex service, both Forex and Dibond panels were directly printed to and installed within the exhibition as well as banners. 

An impressive feature of the exhibition was the timeline tree which was digitally printed onto wall graphic film and professionally installed to the wall.

Whether permanent or temporary, Tint Design’s products and services can be used to enhance any exhibition and make it a real show stopper! 

For more photos of this project click here!