Precision Cut

a ‘wheely’ great effect!

The Coach Ringwood created this eye-catching design for the glass dividers that separate the smoker’s and outdoor sitting areas.

By using Tint Design’s Precision Cutting service a number of ‘coach wheels’ scaled at different sizes, were cut out of frost film resulting in an eye-catching look to the outdoor area with maximum decorative impact.

The simplicity of precision cutting out of film can have a striking effect and Tint Design offer a large range of films that can be for used for any precision cut projects. Precision cut designs can be installed on a variety of surfaces such as plaster walls and glass. Combined with our Vision Effex digital printing service you can have a great feature for any decorative solution.

The large variety of applications that precision cut can be used for results in a design that succeeds in any fitout, to learn more about our precision cut service click here.

A Grand Design for Grand Pacific Tours

The smallest detail can have the greatest impact within a space. So something as simple as a Precision Cut pattern on Frost Film can separate you from other businesses and designs by making your fit-out more personalised and unique.

Here at Tint Design we have a range of Designs that you can choose from when selecting a Precision Cut pattern, or,  you may have an idea of your own that we can create for you.

Grant Pacific Tours have selected a design that not only serves it's primary function, being Privacy Bands to their meeting spaces, but also allows the perfect amount of light into their conference room. The Precision Cut band that breaks the top of the panel creates a decorative element but also allows the space to maintain an open feel.

There is no challenge too great or small at Tint Design – please contact our office if you are interested in frost film for your office fitout!

What a Relief!

Images printed to white acoustic panels with relief shapes cut from solid charcoal panels 

Images printed to white acoustic panels with relief shapes cut from solid charcoal panels 

We’ve touched a little on acoustics in the past however the feedback of late has identified that there are many of our clients out there who still don’t know that we can supply, install, print onto, and precision cut acoustic paneling.
The pictures above are just a small example of a combination of our services applied to acoustic products. The relief effect used in both these examples shows how, with a little imagination, this product can not only add a warm and decorative finish to your fit-out but perhaps even a three dimensional one as well!

We have been surprised and inspired by the outstanding versatility of this product and look forward to helping you realise your next acoustic panel design. 

A Design Tribute

For more information or a free sample of these designs please  contact us  at the office (03) 9724 5100

For more information or a free sample of these designs please contact us at the office (03) 9724 5100

ANZAC Day is a special time of year in the Australian calendar as we take pause to honor our fallen and returned heroes, and give thanks for the ultimate sacrifices they’ve made for the lives we lead today.

For that reason, it is with an air of patriotism that we release two new floral designs to our free Design Range. One is an illustrated Bottlebrush design that captures the essence of the Australian bush, and the other a vectored Poppy design that pays tribute to our ANZAC history.

Tint Design is a proud Australian company that is family owned and operated; a privilege that we may not have had. Lest we forget...

Motivation encourages productivity

Click the image for more photos of this project

Click the image for more photos of this project

As office refurbishments shift toward open plan layouts that nurture a more collaborative work process, the encouragement has also seeped into the design finishings. A great example of this is shown here at the inner Melbourne city offices of Kytec where a selection of motivating phrases are scattered throughout the office and boardroom that quite literally surround the workers with positivity. 

In order to execute this project with the right amount of impact (enough to stand out but not to distract) the client opted to precision cut the motives from a variety of colored vinyl. The advantage of Tint Design having a large flatbed precision cutter for these sorts of projects, is that we are able to cut huge graphics with few to no seams. This results in an optically flawless installation that allows the design to triumph in its allocated environment. 

Dare to be different

Click on the image for more photos of this project

Click on the image for more photos of this project

Just because it’s law it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Safety Decals, Warning Bands, Compliance Decals - they have many names - though whatever you call them they are an opportunity not a hindrance.

The Australian Standard AS 1428.1-2009* states that;
“any glazing capable of being mistaken for a doorway or opening, shall be clearly marked for their full width with a solid and non-transparent contrasting line. The contrasting line shall be not less than 75 mm wide and shall extend across the full width of the glazing panel. 
The lower edge of the contrasting line shall be located between 900 mm and 1000 mm above the plane of the finished floor level.
Any contrasting line on the glazing shall provide a minimum of 30% luminance contrast when viewed against the floor surface or surfaces within two meters of the gazing on the opposite side.”

While it has been a trend in years gone by to slap up some 75mm frost decals throughout a new build just because it’s a ‘safe’ choice in both design and (what used to be) compliance, it doesn’t mean you have to follow the crowd… 2017 is the year to be bold!

Since the rules have become much stricter in regard to the 30% contrast between your decal colour and the background colour, Tint Design has put together a series of free designs to add interest to your new build or fit-out, and our Safety Decal designs are compliant when precision cut from a solid vinyl or digitally printed in the appropriately contrasting colour to a solid, frost, or optically clear film. 

It would be easy to talk all day about the endless possibilities when it comes to Safety Decals but I guess the ultimate point in both life and building compliance is, when you follow the crowd you’re wasting your opportunity to stand out!

Click here to view our full range of customisable designs or send us an inquiry and one of our estimators will be in touch to discuss your project. 

*This information has been adapted from the current Australian Standards and is to be used as a guideline only. Please refer to the current Australian Standards for further information.

Fun in the Factory! - acoustic panels

Click on the Image to flick through all the photos!

It's not often that we have time to stop and smell the roses here at Tint Design, however on occasion our design team take a moment to have a bit of a play with some of the unique products that our clients have been using. 

One such experiment was a fun project that we set for the team to see what they can do with Acoustic Panels. Here are a couple of our favorite results.

Francisco decided to make a puzzle from a piece of the white stock. Starting with a landscape image he overlaid some puzzle lines, then the graphic was digitally printed on to the white acoustic panel using our Vision Effex service. Next a cut file was created and using our Precision Cut service he was able to cut the puzzle pieces through the board. 

Dave used a different technique and decided to get creative by mixing and matching the different coloured boards using our Precision Cut service. The striking contrast between the charcoal and the white panels really makes the world map image stand out. This technique allows you to mix and match the panels or even adjust how far they are inset into the backing board creating different relief effects. 

The result is a fun example of how a few simple techniques can create a striking and unique result. 

Stay tuned for more 'Fun in the Factory' experiments!

"can we talk about poland" an exhibition

Tint Design have in the past worked on many projects for the Jewish Museum of Australia. Recently we completed a number of elements for their exhibition “Can we talk about Poland”. The exhibition, which ran from March to July this year, shed light on Jewish life in post-war Poland through featured photographs by Arnold Zable and Lindsay Goldberg. 

Tint Design contributed to the exhibition by using a number of products and services which assisted in featuring and highlighting a range of elements from decorative and functional to interactive and participatory and overall bringing the exhibition to life.

A great deal of Precision Cut lettering was produced and installed by the way of quotes, signage, reflections and acknowledgements to name a few. Using our Vision Effex service, both Forex and Dibond panels were directly printed to and installed within the exhibition as well as banners. 

An impressive feature of the exhibition was the timeline tree which was digitally printed onto wall graphic film and professionally installed to the wall.

Whether permanent or temporary, Tint Design’s products and services can be used to enhance any exhibition and make it a real show stopper! 

For more photos of this project click here!


Telstra canopy gets a touch of frost!

For something a little different than our usual film installations, we recently installed film to the underside of a glass canopy outside of the Telstra Discovery Store in Melbourne’s CBD. 

The canopy, project managed by Harris HMC Interiors, is a feature on the busy city corner of Burke and Swanston Streets but as such, came with many installation challenges which required a great deal of preplanning with both the builder and the glazier.

Architects Geyer, specified a 3M Fasara decorative film with a dot pattern to be installed to the underside of the four meter long glass panels. Given the canopy’s location, the large film panels were required to be installed at night using scissor lifts for access which was a challenging installation but in the end a successful one. 

This canopy is not Tint Design’s first and we suspect the trend will continue as it displays yet another example of where film can be a great feature and decorative solution to any glass panel.

For more on this project click here!


Stonnington Brightens up their Precinct

Stage 1 of the Stonnington Civic Precinct Project was one with an impressive outcome. The project, run by Harris HMC Interiors, included the collaboration between Tint Design and William Ross Architects to create design solutions that would meet the client’s requirements. 

The brief for the atrium was to obscure visibility to the spandrel panels while achieving a visually appealing and luminous space. In order to achieve this, coloured frost and white translucent film panels were installed strategically across the atrium resulting in an effect that has great decorative impact while letting an aesthetically pleasing amount of light to flood into the space. 

The internal offices required privacy bands that would add maximum decorative impact without limiting visibility. A geometric design was digitally printed in white ink onto optically clear film. The design included built in safety decals to meet safety requirements and clear pin lines to improve visibility. 

For more on this project click here!