Fun in the Factory! - acoustic panels

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It's not often that we have time to stop and smell the roses here at Tint Design, however on occasion our design team take a moment to have a bit of a play with some of the unique products that our clients have been using. 

One such experiment was a fun project that we set for the team to see what they can do with Acoustic Panels. Here are a couple of our favorite results.

Francisco decided to make a puzzle from a piece of the white stock. Starting with a landscape image he overlaid some puzzle lines, then the graphic was digitally printed on to the white acoustic panel using our Vision Effex service. Next a cut file was created and using our Precision Cut service he was able to cut the puzzle pieces through the board. 

Dave used a different technique and decided to get creative by mixing and matching the different coloured boards using our Precision Cut service. The striking contrast between the charcoal and the white panels really makes the world map image stand out. This technique allows you to mix and match the panels or even adjust how far they are inset into the backing board creating different relief effects. 

The result is a fun example of how a few simple techniques can create a striking and unique result. 

Stay tuned for more 'Fun in the Factory' experiments!

kicking goals in the west

Click on the image for more photos of this project!

Click on the image for more photos of this project!

Thankfully for us we completed works on this new Co-Health site in Footscray, for Contract Control Services, just days before the result of the 2016 AFL Grand Final that showcased a spectacular win by the Western Bulldogs - We can’t imagine it would have been a speedy travel to site the following week. Go Doggies! 

Co-Health Footscray was a challenging design project for the architect Clarke Hopkins Clarke who explained the process on their website;
“Through collaborations with a local artist, an indigenous style artwork which captures the multiculturalism of the Footscray community has been incorporated into the façade design, shaping an active and vibrant street presence for the centre and providing a revitalised new identity for Cohealth within the community".

As all of the consultation rooms are to be used by various medical practitioners and all overlook three sides of a central courtyard, the privacy requirements meant treating the windows with some kind of frosting to allow light in while diffusing the optical clarity. The chosen solution to this was to use our Vision Effex service and digitally print a gradient fade effect onto optically clear film that was then applied to the inside of the glass. This meant that the graphic could fade to clear at the top of the window to allow for the required amount of privacy while leaving a subtle gap of optically clear at the top. Elsewhere on each level we treated the windows of some of the internal offices with a similar digital print using white ink. 

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An Illuminating Installation!

The projects we work on at Tint Design vary from the functional and compliant to the quirky and artistic – and the job we’re featuring this week is a great example of the latter.

Blanc de Blanc is the new and internationally acclaimed production from Strut n Fret Production House (creators of Limbo, Fear & Delight and Cantina), featuring a variety of circus and cabaret acts that delight their audiences nightly by defying what is perceived to be possible. Since Launching at the Sydney Opera House in late 2015, the show has wowed audiences in London and has returned to Australia for the summer festival circuit. 

It is for this part of the tour that Tint Design were asked to print Vision Effex graphics for the external light boxes that will tour around the country with the show. The two layered installation begins with a UV colour print on optically clear film that is enhanced by a second layer of white translucent film. The result is a vibrant and crisp coloured image that is supported by a film that is designed to diffuse and disperse light evenly from a central source – in this case the LED strip lighting within the sign. 

For our friends on the west coast, make sure you check out the new season at the Regal Theatre, Perth from Thurs 29 Sept – Sun 23 Oct

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Research Lab’s Magnified Design

Through creative design, the ongoing refurbishment projects at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne have all paid tribute to the disciplines practised in each department, and the ACMD Advanced Biofabrication Centre has been no exception.

Our friends at Hutchinson Builders have done a wonderful job with the refurbishment of the Centre and, using our Vision Effex service, realised the Design by Colin Sakinofsky (Director of Labs2Design) with spectacular vibrancy. 

All images used throughout this project are extreme magnifications at a molecular level of various samples the scientists have worked with. The colour and patterns are all extremely unique and as most are printed onto optically clear film those that are on, or adjacent to, external windows cast a brilliant kaleidoscope of colour throughout the space. 

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New Design Range at Work

For more photos of these projects click on the image above!

For more photos of these projects click on the image above!

Along with our resent website upgrade we also updated our Design Range that since its launch has had a really positive response from our clients. The range now includes new designs for film and wall, privacy bands and warning decals presented as a fully downloadable Design Range Catalogue which presents each option in different colours, scales and substrates. The new range has already inspired some of our clients who have used our designs and tailored them to their project with fantastic results.

The photos above reveal two recent projects we installed using our ‘Circuitry’ design.  Both for universities in Melbourne, Deakin and RMIT chose to present the design in different ways to satisfy their requirements. Using our Vision Effex services, for the Deakin project, the design was digitally printed onto frost film and installed as a privacy band. For the RMIT project however, we digitally printed the graphic onto wall vinyl which was installed in a stairwell. Both applications utilised our design options to inject a creative element to an otherwise standard requirement.

As our Design Range Catalogue shows, each option can be manipulated in a variety of ways. By working with our team at Tint Design, we can tailor any design to fit your brief and make it unique to your fitout. This is not only limited to the design itself but also the media on which it is printed, meaning that we can print the design onto film for glass, vinyl or wall paper for walls and even acoustic panelling. There are so many ways to be creative with our designs and services to ensure your project stands out from the rest.

Tint Design would be more than happy to provide a shop drawing or printed samples to help you visualise how our designs can take aspects of your fitout to the next level – just give us a call or send us an e-mail!

A Classy Cover on Crown Casino Hoarding!

Not all the wall graphics Tint Design installs are permanent, sometimes the client requires a temporary and affordable solution with great impact and many are seeing the benefits of optimising temporary hoardings as invaluable marketing opportunities.

A perfect example of this was earlier this month when Tint Design teamed up with Schiavello to install a graphic image over the LK boutique hoarding at Melbourne’s Crown Casino. The graphic provided by graphic designer Freddy Ang, was digitally printed onto a durable high-tack wall vinyl using our Vision Effex service. The film was then installed on to the temporary hoarding turning an otherwise bland wall into a prime advertising space for the entire duration of the refurbishment.

Not only is the result visually pleasing but it optimises marketing opportunities promoting not only the brand and product but also the upcoming retail space. 

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Wall Graphic feature at the MCG’s Audi Suite

Sometimes the smaller jobs Tint Design complete have the greatest impact. A great example is an installation that we finished, just in time for the start of the AFL season, for Challenge Commercial Interiors at Melbourne’s MCG.

The interior of the stunning Audi Suite was designed by well-known Interior Designer, Darren Palmer. One of the features within the fitout was a large photo image installed to the back wall of the suite. The photo showcasing an Audi R8, was provided by Audi and Tint Design customised the graphic to work within the space. The image was then digitally printed onto Phototex wall graphic film and installed to the wall creating a professional, eye-catching feature that both promoted the Audi brand as well as complemented the fitout perfectly.

Wall graphics are particularly popular at the moment, with clients recognising the benefits of utilising wall space as a promotional or decorative option which is both quick to install and affordable. Tint Design are able to print and install using a variety of wall graphic films and substrates ranging from removable wall graphics for temporary installations to traditional wallpaper for a superior finish.

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"can we talk about poland" an exhibition

Tint Design have in the past worked on many projects for the Jewish Museum of Australia. Recently we completed a number of elements for their exhibition “Can we talk about Poland”. The exhibition, which ran from March to July this year, shed light on Jewish life in post-war Poland through featured photographs by Arnold Zable and Lindsay Goldberg. 

Tint Design contributed to the exhibition by using a number of products and services which assisted in featuring and highlighting a range of elements from decorative and functional to interactive and participatory and overall bringing the exhibition to life.

A great deal of Precision Cut lettering was produced and installed by the way of quotes, signage, reflections and acknowledgements to name a few. Using our Vision Effex service, both Forex and Dibond panels were directly printed to and installed within the exhibition as well as banners. 

An impressive feature of the exhibition was the timeline tree which was digitally printed onto wall graphic film and professionally installed to the wall.

Whether permanent or temporary, Tint Design’s products and services can be used to enhance any exhibition and make it a real show stopper! 

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Telstra canopy gets a touch of frost!

For something a little different than our usual film installations, we recently installed film to the underside of a glass canopy outside of the Telstra Discovery Store in Melbourne’s CBD. 

The canopy, project managed by Harris HMC Interiors, is a feature on the busy city corner of Burke and Swanston Streets but as such, came with many installation challenges which required a great deal of preplanning with both the builder and the glazier.

Architects Geyer, specified a 3M Fasara decorative film with a dot pattern to be installed to the underside of the four meter long glass panels. Given the canopy’s location, the large film panels were required to be installed at night using scissor lifts for access which was a challenging installation but in the end a successful one. 

This canopy is not Tint Design’s first and we suspect the trend will continue as it displays yet another example of where film can be a great feature and decorative solution to any glass panel.

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“First a new website, now a new machine!”

Closely following the launch of our new website and introduction into the world of Social Media came a new addition to the Tint Design Team – our brand new Vision Effex digital printing machine.

The Anapurna printer is the latest model of our existing Anapurna UV white printer. This new and improved model allows for faster output and greater clarity in our printing. On its own, this new machine is a huge asset to our business but incorporated with our existing range of digital printers means that Tint Design can now improve its speed of output and standard of product which is a win for all. 

These printers are flat bed printers with the ability to also print in white ink, an advantage which has expanded our range of products and services available.
Since we began digitally printing onto film over 10 years ago this sector has exploded over the years seeing us experiment with printing onto different forms of rigid media and resulting in the printing onto substrates such as acoustic panels, as a standard product in our business. 

Printing technology is quickly and forever improving, however we endeavour to continue updating our machinery range in order to meet the requirements of the latest design trends and printing capabilities.