Safety Decals

As outlined in our Guidelines for Safety Decals, Safety decals are required by law on clear glass to prevent people walking into a panel or pane and injuring themselves. Tint Design produces a variety of warning decals ranging from basic patterns and logos to sophisticated digitally printed and precision cut designs - a variety of which are available to choose from our in-house Design Range.

Privacy Bands

Privacy bands are generally required for the functional purpose of transforming a clear glass panel into a translucent or solid-coloured partition between offices, workstations, consulting rooms or meeting rooms. However when combining the Tint Design Digital Printing and Precision Cutting services, we can help you with the decorative and sophisticated execution of a practical office fit-out requirement by using one of the many options from our in-house Design Range or a custom design of your own.

Braille Signage

Tint Design’s new range of braille and tactile signage bridges the gap between aesthetics and compliance. With a custom range of certified symbols and new font that are exclusive to Tint Design they are able to offer a unified look to all your informative and way-finding signage throughout your entire project.
Using relief printing technology Tint Design are also able to add custom graphics, logos or even photos to your signage that will also assist in ensuring that all your signs compliment the overall design scope of your space.
For a quote or a cusomised signage schedule for your next project, simply send your tender documents or signage requirements to