Solar Film

Installing solar window film can provide a more comfortable working and living environment. Acceptable levels of thermal comfort are made possible in any season by the effect solar window film has on reducing excessive heat and overpowering glare. It reduces solar energy by up to 81%, which means that interior temperatures can be maintained at an optimal level for work and home. Solar window film can also provide some level of privacy, which can be adjusted with the level of tint in the film.

Tint Design understands the importance of maintaining our natural environment and resources. The installation of solar window film minimises reliance on air conditioners for cooling and as such lowers the cost of running them, as well as helping the environment by lowering energy consumption. This in turn assists in keeping energy costs down for both business and homes due to greater energy efficiency. All Tint Design solar window film has been star-rated as part of the Australian Window Energy Scheme.

UV light is both harmful to office and home interiors and the well being of its occupants. Solar window film reduces this effect by filtering light and blocking out damaging UV rays. Tint Design’s solar window film allows for natural light to get in while still reducing the effects of UV and other light damage to interiors.