Vision Effex - Digital Printing

Vision Effex is Tint Design’s range of digital printing, which uses advanced printing technology to create striking full-colour graphics to be applied to glass and wall panels.

All Vision Effex film is printed in-house on hybrid UV printers that allows for greater quality control and fast turnaround of production. Tint Design’s current range of printers offer extensive production capabilities including fade out effects, white ink printing, 3-Layer and 5-Layer printing, with high quality execution of any design requirement onto both opaque and optically clear film.

The advantage of printing onto window film is that it can be easily removed and replaced, and when paired with the advanced Tint Design Precision Cutting service the scope of the Vision Effex application range is limited only by your imagination.

Vision Effex is the next generation of digital printing, producing exceptional quality, clarity, and elegance in window film print, which is both hard-wearing and adaptable to a range of applications that now also includes a variety of rigid media such as acoustic panels, timber products and traditional wall paper.

Precision Cut

Tint Design offers an advanced in-house design and precision cutting service. By using a large format cutting and routing machine they are able to create functional and decorative film and various substrate solutions that can be formulated for any surface suitable for application. Designers can create appealing walls or partitions of colour and texture that create privacy, but allow adequate light to interiors.

The advanced flat-bed machine has a variety of cutting and routing options that allows for clean precision cut edges of almost any shape or scale design, from a number of vinyl, wall graphic and rigid-media products such as frost and solar film, coloured vinyl film, acrylic, acoustic, timber or composite aluminium panels.

The benefit of being able to precision cut stencilled graphics or artwork from vinyl or frosted film and rigid media is that the applications extend to signage, warning decals, 3D relief designs, decorative features and room partitions. Precision cut also makes an ordinary frosted fitout more impressive by working with it as a design feature using either simple frosted panels of glass for privacy to intricate stencilling designs for maximum decorative effect.

Wall Graphics

Through continued research and development Tint Design is ever increasing its range of wall and ceiling graphic options. As its suppliers create new materials they continue to experiment with new printing and finishing techniques that they can offer their clients.

As traditional wallpaper makes a prominent comeback to the interior design market Tint Design are thrilled to be able to offer their clients the flexibility of installing either prefabricated prints, or producing and installing their own unique designs. With the seamless finish that is only achievable from this kind of paper based product, it’s no wonder so many designers are specifying it.

From low-tac removable (often used for temporary gallery or museum installations) to high-tac laminated products (high durability, suitable for hospitals and external use) Tint Design are confident they have a wall-graphic solution that is suitable to your creative scope. 

Rigid Media

In recent years there has been a shift in the market, designers are challenging themselves and, in turn, challenging Tint Design to incorporate the use of various rigid medias within their design scope.

Acoustic panelling is an increasingly popular wall finishing solution, as it’s fabric-like surface adds texture and class to any room. When you combine the product’s scope of colours and thicknesses with its printability and option to custom cut the panels to any shape required, you quickly have a finishing product with endless possibilities.

Some of Tint Design’s other regularly used substrates such as composite aluminium panels, MDF and acrylic all offer a variety of creative finishes, however Tint Design are always keen to experiment with new rigid-media products you may have discovered.