Digital Print - Vision Effex

Vision Effex is Tint Design’s range of digital printing, which uses advanced printing technology to create striking full-colour graphics to be applied to glass and wall panels.

All Vision Effex film is printed in-house on hybrid UV printers that allows for greater quality control and fast turnaround of production. Their current range of printers offers extensive production capabilities including fade out effects and white ink printing, with high quality execution of any design requirement onto both opaque and optically clear film.

The advantage of printing onto window film is that it can be easily removed and replaced, and when paired with the advanced Tint Design precision cutting service the scope of the Vision Effex application range is limited only by your imagination.

Vision Effex is the next generation of digital printing, producing exceptional quality, clarity and elegance in window film print, which is both hard-wearing and adaptable to a range of applications that now also includes a variety of rigid media such as acoustic panels, timber products and traditional wall paper.