Glass Protection

Safety Film

Glass is often considered the weakest point of the building. Windows can break under a number of situations, including extreme weather, vandalism and the occasional ‘out of bounds’ cricket ball. Tint Design’s safety film will hold the glass in place in the event of excessive force being applied to it until arrangements can be made for the panel to be replaced.

Security Film

To minimise damage from a break-in or other disaster, Tint Design can install a window film that makes windows harder to break, deterring burglars and increasing security.

Even when attempting to shatter a window or glass panel, the security film will hold the glass in place, reducing the overall impact of the breakage.

Tint Design’s years of experience working with safety and security glass products means they can make a comprehensive assessment of the type of film to best suit your workplace. From film designed to bring glass up to the current Australian Standard (AS1288), Tint Design can provide a solution that delivers the optimal level of safety and security.

Anti-Vandal Film

Graffiti and vandalism are continuing problems in our communities that are costly to rectify. Tint Design’s Anti-Vandal film is invisible, optically clear and distortion free and can be used for both interior and exterior windows. Additional benefits are that it is gouge, acid-etch and scratch resistant and blocks 99 percent of damaging UV rays, making it highly suitable for public and commercial spaces.

Anti-Vandal film works by protecting the glass substrate from damage and can be easily removed and replaced by new film. This provides a quick and cost-effective solution for those required to maintain public and private spaces from the damage and visual distortion caused by graffiti and reckless vandalism.