Frost Solutions

Frosted film is an opaque translucent film that allows light into a space but limits visibility. It is the perfect window film solution for commercial spaces because it offers a variety of functions in one application such as ambiance, privacy and safety.

Each office fitout is customised to the client’s design and functionality specifications, whether it is a full-cover application or a precision cut geometric pattern selected from the Tint Design in-house Design Range. Frosted film is also one of the company's most popular base films for digital printing, and with precision cutting it can also provide an understated branding solution with your company’s stencilled logo that will still allow for natural lighting, safety and privacy.


Squid® is a unique product, the likes of which have not really been seen before in the world of flat glass tinting. Some may argue that is has similar properties to various other options on the market however as a woven fabric the softness and elegance of the finish is second to none.

Designed specifically to provide a level of privacy that acts to screen instead of block is one of the aspects of the film that we love the most. In the same way that one-way vision film works, Squid® can also act as an almost complete block-out film when the light source is greater on the opposite side of the glass to the view you wish to mask. For example, in the image below you can clearly see the occupants of the cafe behind the soft layer of Squid® on the glass, that is because it is evening and the light inside the building is greater that the light outside.